TD Bank, Canada. 2016-2020

Patricia Trump, Assistant Vice President, TD Bank. May 18, 2020. 

Adriana is one of the most effective Project Managers I’ve worked with in my almost 24 years with TD. She is proactive, energetic, drives results and at the end of the day she gets things done! She joined our digital transformation project when we were behind and not only did she get us back on track but she actually ensured we moved up some of our delivery timelines to support our Colleagues and Customers during the current pandemic. She also doesn’t just keep her experience to herself she shares and peer mentors without even being asked. She’s been an amazing asset to our Team and I’m lucky to have worked with her.

Julie Kelley, Vice President, Portfolio Director, TD Bank. March 2020. 

It is without hesitation I strongly recommend Adriana Vasilescu for any program or project management-related endeavor. Adriana and I worked together on the successful launch of the company’s first digital account opening platform in the US. Adriana was the program director. The project was a standout in many ways and ultimately won Project of the Year, as well as, adding a new company revenue stream and many Customer benefits. Additionally, the product owner said it was the best project she has ever been involved with and with the most cohesive team. I attribute much of this success to Adriana’s leadership, dedication and experience. Truly, Adriana would be an asset to any team needing such attributes.

Angel Kadelski, Head of US Mobile Banking Platforms at TD Bank (US). January 2020.

Adriana was a crucial asset in delivering the US Small Business online account opening capability at TD Bank. As a program manager she not only led the tasks, timelines and artifacts required from a project standpoint, but she also exemplified a strong understanding of the business needs, challenges and opportunities.

Jay DesMarteau, Head of Commercial Distribution at TD Bank (US). January 2020.

Adriana is a thoughtful thorough partner that has helped us greatly in managing large scale automation technology projects. She’s a joy to work with and kept our project on cost and time targets .

Ken Little, Senior Project Manager at Procom (US). January 2020.

There are few people you get to work with during your career who stand out above the rest as much as Adriana. In the 2 years we worked together, she was always available for me professionally and personally to assist however possible. If you’re looking for a person who is the ultimate team player and can take complex business situations and simplify for all to understand, then Adriana is the person you need on your team. I can only hope that I have the honor to work with her again or someone just like her – she’s a gem : )

Royal Bank of Canada, 2014-2016

Tino DosSantos, Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada, February 2016

I’ve had the privilege of having Adriana as my program manager for the past 1+ year and she’s been an outstanding partner. Her program management skills are second to none, she keeps everyone and the program/project on track. The success of our program is a direct result of her vast experience and strong consulting skills.

Sarah A Adams, Vice President Private Banking, Royal Bank of Canada, February 2016

Adriana is a tremendous asset for any organization. She managed our regulatory enhancements program, for which I was the executive sponsor. It became clear very quickly that Adriana is a true partner, sincerely dedicated to our success. The executive team and I felt confident that the program was in good hands, that Adriana’s business acumen and leadership are bringing the best in the team and are ensuring solid progress. Adriana chose a well managed balance between project management rigor and in-the-moment flexibility, which avoided wasted effort and kept the group moving forward, in spite of ambiguity and challenges. I also valued Adriana’s regular executive updates, which kept the overall picture in focus. I would not hesitate to engage Adriana again for our programs.

Karen Petrie-Palin, Senior Director, Royal Bank of Canada, January 2016

Adriana has worked on projects with our team for the past two years and we have been very pleased with her professionalism and capabilities as a project manager. She is a self starter, very good at getting into the details and has successfully delivered some key initiatives during her two years with us. I would not hesitate to recommend her to support other projects in the future.

Melissa Jarman, Vice President, Commercial Financial Services, Royal Bank of Canada, May 2015

I had the privilege of working with Adriana on a cross-platform initiative with multiple stakeholders. Adriana possesses the must have qualities that you would expect in a Program Manager. She is a strong communicator, extremely organized, overcomes hurdles and drives the initiative to completion. However, it is the additional value that Adriana brings to the table that makes her unique. Adriana makes sure she understands how a project fits into the overall business strategy and subtly yet effectively challenges the team to ensure the best decisions are being made. She is a strong leader and built a positive report with many members of the team. I would work with Adriana again in a heartbeat.

Angela White, “Leading without A Title and still Creating Change”, Royal Bank of Canada, December 2015

I had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Adriana on a business segment initiative and what I did not realize when we started was that I would become a student of her work. Adriana’s exceptional consultative and diagnostic approach to understanding the need, identifying the gap or problem to be solved and articulating the solution that will drive the right and best results, was not only effective, it was efficient. Collaborating with Adriana increased my knowledge and skills. In particular, the laser focus on what is in scope and what is not and asking questions to validate and re-validate the objective was so critical to delivering on time and on budget. I walked away from my experience with useful tools that continue to have great applicability. Thanks Adriana for your incredible ability to decipher, for your interest and commitment.


Delivery AVP: “You have been instrumental in building the OMNI portfolio. You saw the lows and high of this program, and through it all, you continued to hustle and persevere. The organisation will remember you as a true team player and always giving your 100%. On a personal note, thank you for showing me the ropes of delivery, being my sounding board on ideas I had, and on how to resolve problems. I’ll forever cherish the learnings, advice and debates we had 😊.”

PMO Lead: “You are a fantastic person to work with. You always have the ability to look at thinks in a very unique way and your attention to details is outstanding. This together with an innate ability to deliver in complex environments makes you very special. You will be missed and I will certainly miss our conversations.”

IBM Canada and IBM Global, 1998 – 2014

Brett Macintyre, former Vice President, IBM Global,  March 2014

Adriana worked on our GBS Solutions and Asset team and our CXLab team in a wide variety of roles. In each of them, she delivered superb results and outcomes. She is extremely professional, dedicated and great to work with. Any assignment (big or small) she took on with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Dave Rose, Program Manager, IBM Canada, February 2014

Adriana provided business direction as well as mentor-ship to me in a number of projects in this role. Adriana brought strategic thinking as well as critical problem solving skills to this role. She has an innate ability to see through symptoms and hone in on the real issue or challenge facing the teams she worked with. She has a keen sense of developing leaders and allowing her teams to learn and grow while providing development guidance to me and others she worked with. She is an effective communicator at levels ranging from CxOs, VPs, through to business analysts, testers, and developers.

Marvin Harrison, Software Development & Project Management Executive, IBM Global, February 2014 

Adriana was a key member of my software development team at IBM. I brought her onto my team in 2007 as I was setting up a software asset development capability within IBM Global Business Services. She has outstanding program and project management skills and on my team demonstrated them both in the domains of software development and strategy and business transformation. Combined with her skills as a business consultant, this makes her a valuable asset to any team. She demonstrated an ability to collaborate effectively within and outside our team within IBM and managed programs and projects with global scope within IBM. Having her as a direct report for several years within IBM she became my trusted advisor and I would count on her to improve program performance and business results. Her initiative and drive helps her get things done. I would not hesitate to bring her onto my team in the future if an opportunity arises.

Howard Plevyak, Global Technology Executive, IBM Global, January 2014

I’ve worked with Adriana since 2008 in building up our Global Business Services Solution & Software Asset business. Adriana did a phenomenal job of managing our overall program for developing the software intellectual property and commercialization of that software into consumable assets. Her team’s scope covered the entire globe. Adriana is truly a genius in defining operations with just the right amount of structure, process and discipline to enable our global teams to collaborate effectively and get things done! That’s not easy in a company of 435,000 people. She is a seasoned and talented program manager, project manager and business consultant that I relied upon daily in my interactions with our USA, Canada, India, China and European teams. If you absolutely need someone you can count on to manage chaos and deliver, you want Adriana on your team!

Srinivas Chebolu, Software Development Manager, IBM Global, January 2014

I reported to Adriana in one of the key initiative that contributed to IBM differentiation strategy. I see Adriana as great leader with passion, clarity in goals and above all helped me & my team to understand the organization priorities, aligning our work directly coping with the organizational change. She as a mentor helped me learn troubled project execution management, process definition and expectation setting in complex scenarios by example. I improved my self on various areas of project and portfolio management working with her.

David Fielding, Program/Project Manager, IBM Canada, January 2014

I was on Adriana’s team when she was Program Manager, Software IP development. I learned a lot from Adriana and I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to work together again. The combination of Adriana’s consulting, software development, and business acumen makes her an excellent Program Manager. She is particularly good at managing significant and complex organizational change and leading global cross functional teams. Her ability to understand, solve, and communicate complex problems is astounding. I would definitely recommend Adriana to anyone needing a very smart and professional Program Manager.

Yan Fen Liu, Department Manager, IBM China, January 2014

Adriana is a great leader to work with because she could always coach her direct or indirect reports with her strong business insight and strategic thinking. I was on assignment in Canada and worked closely with Adriana and I did learn a lot from her not only for work but also for life and career development. She is a great mentor. She was a more than qualified program manager of IPAF team that time. I believe she can do everything well with her capability and passion for the business.

Kevin Daley, Chief Business Architect, IBM Global, January 2014

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Adriana for the last 7 years as both a colleague and a co-worker depending upon the year. I find Adriana to be a reasonable and effective colleague. Her capacity to take on problems, projects and programs and decompose them into actionable activities is exceptional. Adriana has an unique awareness for the realities of a corporate culture and how it can influence delivering results. Her professional and positive attitude is augmented by a collaborative style that drives her staff, co-workers and colleagues to strive to not just do better but do their best. Further, because of her business acumen and deep organizational and management skills I would highly recommend Adriana for any leadership position, especially if they relate to software development or innovation.

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